WP Fangirl

WP Fangirl is my WordPress consulting business. I've been working with WordPress since 2005, originally to build my own sites. Its increasing popularity has brought me a steadily growing stream of clients since 2007. Visit wpfangirl.com to find out more. … Read More

The Podcast Asylum

The Podcast Asylum started out as  an inside joke in September 2005, but involved into a consulting consortium. Though podcasting is no longer flavor of the month in the social media world, it remains a valuable communications, marketing, and educational tool. As of this writing in January 2012, the … Read More

The Author-izer

An author-izer is a writer who turns other people into authors—in other words, a ghostwriter. Translating Greek drama for the stage helped prepare me for this job, because there, too, you need to write in someone else's voice. My academic background also helps when writing white papers. Visit … Read More

The FileSlinger Backup Blog

The FileSlinger was my first business. I actually started out doing clerical work, hence the name. Then I began slinging computer  files. I started writing a weekly backup reminder in 2003, which became a blog in 2005. By 2009, the Backup Blog was all that remained of the FileSlinger business. Alas, … Read More